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(1) The polarity of summating potentials (SP) and the SP/AP ratio in Menière's disease depend on the electrode position in the tympanic cavity, on the interval between sound stimuli and the method of recording, whether it is by transtympanic or extratympanic recording. (2) In a series of 42 patients with unilateral Menière's disease abnormal SPs were not(More)
Monophasic action potentials, recorded with contact non-suction electrodes, have been used both clinically and experimentally. However, to date no systematic microelectrode validation studies have been done to underlying myocardial cell populations from different myocardial regions with different transmembrane potential profiles. In the present study(More)
We distributed a questionnaire to highlight the effects of post transfusion graft-versus-host disease (PT-GVHD) and to elucidate the risk factors that would predispose people to the disease. The questionnaire described the pathogenesis and the clinical profiles of PT-GVHD and was distributed to doctors in Japan whose hospital conducted more than 1000 units(More)
A 5 year old girl underwent recanalisation after coil embolisation of a persistent duc-tus arteriosus. Recanalisation is uncommon after coil embolisation and may be related to shrinkage of the coil, a change in its position, and ductal shape. Transcatheter coil embolisation techniques have recently been applied to the occlusion of small to medium sized(More)
A n 11-year-old boy presented with giant calcifications on the chest radiograph, detected during screening for heart disease (Figure). He had been diagnosed with measles twice, at 1 and 2 years of age. Before this screening, he had been asymptomatic. An ECG revealed sinus rhythm and no specific ST-T–wave changes. The CT scan showed 2 giant circular masses(More)
(PTAV) is now a treatment option for congenital valvular aortic stenosis (AS), 1–5 except possibly in the elderly. 6,7 We collected data on PTAV from 8 major centers in Japan to clarify the current status of this procedure. Severe symptomatic AS in the newborn or young infant complicated by left ventricular pump failure, so called critical AS, 8,9 was(More)
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