Toshihiro Hiraoka

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Test sequences for acyclic sequential circuits can be generated using a time expansion model. The test sequences have features that: (1) the length of each test sequence for each target fault is uniform, and (2) positions of `don't cares' (X) of each test sequence for each target fault are independent of any target fault. In this paper, focusing on the(More)
Test sequences for acyclic sequential circuits can be generated by using a time expansion model. In this paper, static and dynamic test sequence compaction techniques are proposed in which the test sequence generated by the time expansion model has two characteristics: (1) The test sequence length is constant, and (2) The location of an undefined value (X)(More)
This paper proposes a card-type divergent thinking support tool to design systems that make use of FUrther BENEfit of a Kind of Inconvenience (fuben-eki). Even though the benefits of inconvenience are known as the essence of spiritually affluent lives, there are few artifacts for providing them. Our proposed tool borrows a leaf from TRIZ, which is the(More)
Recently, some night driving assistance systems have been developed actively. They provide an infrared camera image with an alarm and an emphasized pedestrian. In this study, a night driving environment and a night driving assistance system are built on our driving simulator. We verify the effectiveness of the existence of the assistance system on the(More)
The present paper discusses the relationship between evolutionary computation (EC) and further benefit of a kind of inconvenience (FUBEN-EKI), which is a research project to explore methods by which to design artifacts while appreciating the benefits of inconvenience. Evolutionary computation contributes to FUBEN-EKI both theoretically and practically. The(More)
Drowsy driving accidents can be prevented if it can be predicted in advance. The present work aims to develop a new method for predicting a drowsy driving accident based on the fact that the autonomic nervous function affects heart rate variability (HRV), which is the fluctuation of the RR interval (RRI) obtained from an electrocardiogram (ECG). The(More)
This paper evaluates user motivation when they use two applications for unlocking mobile phones. One is a convenient application that adapts to users and the other is an inconvenient application that does not adapt to users but only gives feedback to help them adapt to the system. Our hypothesis is that inconvenience gives users space to develop their(More)
A driver is regarded as a system that receives visual information and that controls the steering wheel. To identify the system, we conducted experiments to get input-output data using a driving simulator and confirmed that the focus of expansion of optical flow has sufficient information to predict steering behaviors.