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Naturally arising CD25+CD4+ regulatory T cells (T(R) cells) are engaged in the maintenance of immunological self-tolerance and immune homeostasis by suppressing aberrant or excessive immune responses, such as autoimmune disease and allergy. T(R) cells specifically express the transcription factor Foxp3, a key regulator of T(R)-cell development and function.(More)
BACKGROUND Rikkunshito is a traditional Japanese herbal medicine that is used to treat appetite loss associated with cancer and other disorders. The formulation contains various constituents that influence cell signaling, and rikkunshito may accordingly affect human homeostasis through multiple regulatory pathways, including those governed by the endocrine(More)
This paper presents a robust vision system for lighting fluctuation for a parts positioning robot by means of dynamic range expansion of a video camera. The vision system was confirmed by experiments to stably detect the position of the object, in comparison to a conventional method, even if the light environment dynamically varies. The above result(More)
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