Toshihiko Satake

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Several authors have reported the usefulness and benefits of lymphoscintigraphy. However, it is insufficient to indicate microvascular treatment based on lymphedema. Here, we present the relationships between lymphoscintigraphic types and indications for lymphatic microsurgery. Preoperative lymphoscintigraphy was performed in 142 limbs with secondary(More)
BACKGROUND The free posterior medial thigh perforator flap is a fasciocutaneous flap on the posterior and medial thigh, based on perforators from the deep femoral vessels. In this study, the authors evaluated the anatomical basis of posterior and medial thigh perforators from the deep femoral vessels. METHODS Between June of 2006 and May of 2012, 67(More)
BACKGROUND For reconstructing moderate-to-high projection breasts in nulliparous patients with insufficient abdominal tissue or prior abdominal surgeries, a unilateral inferior gluteal artery perforator (IGAP) flap is an alternative procedure. In patients with slim hips, however, unilateral gluteal tissue is insufficient and inferior gluteal crease(More)
BACKGROUND In free flap breast reconstruction, the retrograde limb of the internal mammary vein (IMV) is occasionally used as a second recipient vein. In this study, we evaluated the dynamic blood flow to the retrograde limb of the IMV (retrograde IMV) at the anastomosed site via indocyanine green (ICG) angiography METHODS In 40 patients undergoing free(More)
We describe a new wound management technique using a soft dressing material to stabilize the areola skin graft and protect the nipple after nipple–areola reconstruction at the final stage of breast reconstruction. We introduced a center-fenestrated multilayered hydrocellular polyurethane foam dressing material that provides adequate pressure and retains a(More)
We evaluated changes in body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen uptake during arm cranking exercise (20 watts, 30 min) in an artificial climate room at a temperature of about 25 degrees C or 35 degrees C (relative humidity, about 50%) in 5 patients with paraplegics due to spinal cord injury (SCI). The tympanic temperature (Tty) was significantly higher(More)
We report a case of fibromatosis clinically suggestive of breast cancer, in which cancer treatment was prevented by fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology. The patient was a 46-year-old Japanese woman who presented with nipple retraction of the left breast. Mammography demonstrated thickened nipple skin and an ill-defined, fairly dense tumor retracting the(More)
1Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Yokohama City University Medical Center, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 2Department of Gynecology, Yokohama City University Medical Center, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 3Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Yokohama Rosai Hospital, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 4Department of Plastic and Reconstructive(More)
INTRODUCTION Liposuction and mesotherapy are popular treatments for fat reduction of lower face, but because these treatments are invasive, a novel non-invasive treatment with similar or better efficacy has been sought. There are various devices such as CoolSculpt, laser, RF, and HIFU that are used as non-invasive treatments for fat reduction and body(More)