Toshihiko Okamoto

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Appropriate resources and expression technology necessary for human proteomics on a whole-proteome scale are being developed. We prepared a foundation for simple and efficient production of human proteins using the versatile Gateway vector system. We generated 33,275 human Gateway entry clones for protein synthesis, developed mRNA expression protocols for(More)
AIM Although pectin, a dietary fibre, has been suggested to possess some trophic effects on the intestine, the mechanisms involved remain unclear. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of pectin on rat intestinal cell proliferation and the intraluminal environment. METHODS Control and pectin-fed rats were given a fibre-free elemental diet (ED) and an(More)
Butyrate enemas have been reported to be effective in ulcerative colitis. However, long-term use is difficult because of the troublesome procedure and the unpleasant smell. We therefore investigated the effects of the oral administration of Clostridium butyricum M588 (CBM588), an enterobacterium producing butyrate, in dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-induced(More)
Elemental diet (ED) therapy has been established as primary therapy for Crohn's disease, and home enteral nutrition (HEN) has been reported to control relapse at a dose of more than 30 kcal/kg of ideal body weight. However, a decrease in ED compliance with long-term use is becoming problem. We developed an n-3 fatty acid-rich diet and carried out(More)
Rates of Diels-Alder cycloaddition of anthracenes with p-benzoquinone and its derivatives as well as rates of hydride-transfer reactions from 10-methyl-9,10-dihydroacridine to the same series of p-benzoquinones are accelerated significantly in the presence of metal ions in acetonitrile. An extensive comparison of the catalytic effects of metal ions in(More)
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