Toshihiko Namekawa

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It is shown that Goppa codes with Goppa polynomial {g(z))4 have the parameters: length n < qm SO, number of check symbols n k I m (q l)(deg g), and minimum distance d L q (deg g) + 1, where q is a prime power, m is an integer,g(z) is an arbitrary polynomial over GF(q”), and SO is the number of roots of g(z) which belong to GF(qm). It is also shown that all(More)
We present new classes of binary codes that are constructed on the basis of concatenated codes and product codes. We discuss the random-error-correction capabilities of these codes. Some examples of the codes for the correction of random errors are given which have at least as many codewords as the best codes previously known (to the authors) with the same(More)