Toshihiko Nakamori

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Malic enzyme prepared and purified from Brevundimonas diminuta IFO13182 catalyzed the decarboxylation reaction of malate to pyruvate and CO2 using NAD+ as the coenzyme, and the reverse reaction was used in the present study for L-malic acid production with fixation of HCO3(-) as a model compound for carbon source. The L-malic acid production was based on(More)
Malic enzyme [L-malate: NAD(P)(+) oxidoreductase (EC] catalyzes the oxidative decarboxylation of L-malic acid to produce pyruvic acid using the oxidized form of NAD(P) (NAD(P)(+)). We used a reverse reaction of the malic enzyme of Pseudomonas diminuta IFO 13182 for HCO(3)(-) fixation into pyruvic acid to produce L-malic acid with coenzyme (NADH)(More)
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