Toshihiko Miyazaki

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The basic local alignment search tool (BLAST) is one of the most popular sequence alignment tools available. Sequence alignment is used to extract similar parts of an input protein (or DNA) sequence from protein (or DNA) databases, in order to investigate biological evolution and genomic genealogy. It is a very important and difficult task in(More)
We propose an efficient hardware accelerator for the calculation of accumulated values of two-dimensional continuous dynamic programming (2DCDP). The 2DCDP is a powerful optimal pixel-matching algorithm between input and reference images which can be applied to image processing, such as image recognition, image search, feature tracking, 3D reconstruction,(More)
In large wireless sensor networks, the sensed data transfer is unstable. Packet flooding is an easy and effective way to solve the unstable data transfer. However, it often causes packet collisions by the packets duplicated in the relay nodes. To remedy this situation, we propose a dynamic direction control method of the packet flooding. Using the proposed(More)
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