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To reveal the acoustic characteristics associated with hypernasality and to ascertain their correlation to the severity of hypernasality, 30 speech samples produced by 15 maxillectomy patients were acoustically analysed with and without an obturator prosthesis in place. The isolated, sustained Japanese vowel /i/ was used as the stimulus for acoustic(More)
The mobility of the lithosphere over a weaker asthenosphere constitutes the essential element of plate tectonics, and thus the understanding of the processes at the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) is fundamental to understand how our planet works. It is especially so for oceanic plates because their relatively simple creation and evolution should(More)
Subducting seamounts are thought to increase the normal stress between subducting and overriding plates. However, recent seismic surveys and laboratory experiments suggest that interplate coupling is weak. A seismic survey in the Japan Trench shows that a large seamount is being subducted near a region of repeating earthquakes of magnitude M approximately(More)
A precise and uncomplicated technique for superimposing a color slide onto a facial cast for sculpting a facial prosthesis of the periorbital region is described. This technique allows making a facial impression with the eye closed. The superimposed slide in full-face and profile views provide a natural appearance to the facial cast. Properly selected(More)
SUMMARY Because large earthquakes have repeatedly occurred in subduction zones, it is important to observe seismic activities on the sea floor. An ocean bottom cabled seismometers (OBCS) system is the most suitable tool for this purpose since data can be obtained in real-time. Although the existing OBCS systems are useful for the study of seismic activities(More)
Material in this publication may be copied without restraint for library, abstract service, educational, or personal research purposes; however, republication of any portion requires the written consent of the Director, Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily(More)
PUBLISHER'S NOTES This report was prepared from shipboard files by scientists who participated in the cruise. The report was assembled under time constraints and does not contain all works and findings that will appear in the Initial Reports of the ODP Proceedings. Reference to the whole or to part of this report should be made as follows: DISCLAIMER: Any(More)
Wire clasps and cast clasps are the most common retainers for removable partial dentures. The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in the material and the variation among individual technicians in the retentive force of both clasps. The clasps were made in accord with the clinical method for experimental metallic model of the left(More)
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