Toshihiko Inage

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Gene expression and localization of amelogenin were studied in the developing rat incisor by the methods of in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry. ISH revealed the first expression of amelogenin mRNA in the inner enamel epithelium of the cervical loop. The signals were clearly observed in pre-ameloblasts in the region bordering on predentin(More)
Rabbit polyclonal antibodies against bovine amelogenins and enamelins which did not show any cross-reaction were raised, and ultrathin sections of rat incisors were examined by the protein A-gold and ABC methods. The immunoreactivity of amelogenins was found in dense granules in the intercellular spaces between preameloblasts, and later over the fine- and(More)
Morphological differentiation of the distal ends of ameloblasts (AMs) from the late presecretory to early secretory zones of the rat upper incisor was studied by electron microscopy. Preameloblasts (PAs) showed a high columnar shape, with the nucleus located in the basal portion. The Golgi apparatus occupied the supranuclear region with type-1 vesicles, and(More)
Symmetrical motor output is the rule in the masticatory system. We examined morphologically how this functional symmetry might be reflected in the organization of premotor neurons that could mediate excitation of jaw-opener motoneurons. Premotor neurons projecting bilaterally to jaw-opener motoneurons by way of axon collaterals were identified by retrograde(More)
The tissue distribution of mouse polymeric immunoglobulin receptor (pIgR) has been demonstrated. By Northern blot hybridization, pIgR mRNA expression was detected in liver, intestine, stomach, lung and kidney. A weak expression was also detected in thymus by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. The pIgR expression in kidney was further studied(More)
The nerve regenerative process has been investigated by many studies. However, the quantification of the degree of crush of peripheral nerves has not yet been performed. The aim of this study was to determine and standardize the ligature intensity and crush level of the hypoglossal nerve of guinea pigs. The compound action potentials evoked by electric(More)
Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) are expressed in many tissues and control cell differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis. In teeth, the temporo-spatial pattern of expression IGFs and their receptors has not been fully characterized. The purpose of this study was to obtain a comprehensive profile of their expression throughout the life cycle of(More)