Toshihiko Aoki

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This paper presents a new hand motion assist robot for rehabilitation therapy. The robot is an exoskeleton with 18 DOFs and a self-motion control, which allows the impaired hand of a patient to be driven by his or her healthy hand on the opposite side. To provide such potential that the impaired hand is able to recover its ability to the level of a(More)
Recently, CAD research has concentrated on shifting CAD systems from the traditional line based structure to a more intelligent and object oriented structure. Most work in this area, however, has concentrated on developing applications for design work, leaving construction phase applications largely ignored. The authors of this paper have begun development(More)
The lack of caretakers for senior citizens and physically handicapped persons in our country has now become critical, and has created a great need for caretaker robots. The usual caretaker robots (many of which have switches or joysticks for their interfaces), however, are neither easy to use nor very popular. Haptic devices offer human-machine interfaces(More)
Since the Medical Examiner System was established in 1948, more than 100 cases of acute cardiac deaths of unknown etiology have been found annually mainly composed of apparently healthy young males. The majority died during sleep at night and their autopsy findings revealed nothing which seemed to cause death. In order to make clear the real state and(More)
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