Toshihide Tsuzuki

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Immunohistochemical analysis with the anti-Ret antibody was performed to investigate the expression of the c-ret proto-oncogene product (c-Ret protein) in embryonic, infant and adult rat tissues. During embryogenesis, the c-Ret expression became detectable by day 11.5 in the developing peripheral and central nervous systems as well as in the excretory(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the hypothesis that the extent of corpus callosum injury indicates the depth of shearing lesions in the central brain structure and therefore relates to the clinical severity of diffuse axonal injury. METHODS A simple and objective procedure for semiquantitative analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRI)-the maximum signal intensity(More)
A diagnosis of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP) can be made by use of restriction endonuclease NsiI, a cloned human prealbumin cDNA and Southern blot procedures. Digests of DNAs from 10 disease-free individuals showed two bands (6.6 kb and 3.2 kb) complementary to a human prealbumin cDNA, whereas digests from 11 individuals with FAP exhibited two(More)
A 67-year-old man was referred to us for tonic-clonic convulsions. A review of his history revealed that he had been hospitalized for loss of consciousness, hypotension, and suspected apoplexy at age 67. He had experienced prior tonic-clonic convulsions at age 72 and age 74. He had malaria and tuberculosis in his history but had been otherwise generally(More)
We present a case of symptomatic radiation necrosis after gamma knife surgery for arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Initially, at the age of 30 years the patient was treated with gamma knife surgery. Angiography performed 2 years after radiation therapy revealed that the AVMs were completely obliterated. Five years later, the patient had a generalized(More)
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