Toshihide Takasawa

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Two components of the sialyl oligosaccharides were separated from milk of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) by gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. Their molecular weights, estimated by gel filtration on HPLC using 5 mM triethylamine-acetate buffer (pH 5.0), were approx. 3,000. Their monosaccharide compositions, determined by GC analysis(More)
A polygalacturonase was isolated from the culture medium of Sclerotinia borealis, a psychrophilic fungus that grows on lawn and wheat seedling under the snow in winter and induces the snow mold disease. Pectic acid was a better substrate of this enzyme than pectin when the activity was determined by measuring the reducing sugar produced. However, when the(More)
Flanking DNA regions of the fimbrilin gene (designated fimA), which encodes the major subunit protein of Porphyromonas (Bacteroides) gingivalis fimbriae, were cloned in several manners from the P. gingivalis chromosome into Escherichia coli by screening with probes derived from a 2.5-kb SacI DNA fragment previously cloned. A total of 10.4 kb of DNA(More)
Female ayu Plecoglossus altivelis were sampled from the Mogami River System, Yamagata Prefecture to investigate the occurrence of multiple spawning that has previously been reported in small rivers. Spawning frequencies of the females were estimated by histological observations of the ovary mainly from the degree of degeneration of postovulatory follicles.(More)
We studied the pharmacokinetics of a new cephem antibiotic, S-1108, in patients with impaired kidney functions. Serum and urinary levels of S-1006 were determined after oral administration of S-1108 at 150 mg to 9 patients with renal dysfunction. In patients with severe renal impairment, high serum levels were maintained over long periods of time. Urinary(More)
Changes in mRNA levels of prolactin (PRL) during the upstream migration were examined in fry of the amphidromous fish, ayu Plecoglossus altivelis. Quantification of mRNA has been done with real-time PCR and expressed as whole body or pituitary contents depending the body size of fry. PRL mRNA levels of ayu caught in seawater of the coastal area remained low(More)
A lambda gt11 cDNA library containing DNA inserts prepared from human liver mRNA has been screened with an antibody to human alpha 2-thiol proteinase inhibitor that was isolated from fresh plasma. Eighteen positive clones were isolated from one million phage, and each was plaque purified. The cDNA insert of one of these phage was sequenced and shown to code(More)
We studied a newly developed oral quinolone antimicrobial agent, levofloxacin (LVFX, DR-3355), and obtained the following results. 1. Serum and urine levels of LVFX were determined after oral administration of LVFX 100 mg to 11 elderly patients with various degrees of renal function insufficiencies. The patients were classified according to creatinine(More)
A major immunodominant surface protein (the 75-kDa protein) of Porphyromonas (Bacteroides) gingivalis 381 has been purified and its amino-terminal amino acid sequence has been determined. Using oligonucleotide probes corresponding to the sequence, we identified a recombinant plasmid clone carrying a single 4.2-kb BamHI fragment from pUC19 libraries of P.(More)
Legumain (EC is an asparaginyl endopeptidase. Strong legumain activity was observed in the mouse kidney, and legumain was highly expressed in tumors. We previously reported that bovine kidney annexin A2 was co-purified with legumain and that legumain cleaved the N-terminal region of annexin A2 at an Asn residue in vitro. In this study, to(More)