Toshihide Shibata

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AIM Neuronal degeneration in the locus coeruleus occurs in the early phase of Alzheimer's disease, similar to mild cognitive impairment. The locus coeruleus produces norepinephrine, a deficiency of which causes both memory disturbance and psychological symptoms. Thus, we evaluated signal alterations in the locus coeruleus of patients with Alzheimer's(More)
AIM "Saving appearances behavior", pretending to know the correct answer, or a reply of deceptive replies, are often found in the reply of patients with dementia. We have already found that we can classify the answers to "what is the latest news on TV or newspapers?" into 4 types, including saving appearances answer. The purpose of the present study is to(More)
Even though various techniques for site-directed mutagenesis have been developed, random mutagenesis is an important and complementary approach to locate functional domains on polypeptides and RNA, and to modify their biochemical and biological properties. Region-specified PCR-mutagenesis is a powerful and simple technique for this purpose. A couple of(More)
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