Toshihide Matsuno

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Accumulations of inorganic nitrogen (NH₄⁺, NO₂⁻, and NO₃⁻) were analyzed to evaluate the nitrogen circulation activity in 76 agricultural soils. Accumulation of NH₄⁺ was observed, and the reaction of NH₄⁺→ NO₂⁻ appeared to be slower than that of NO₂⁻ → NO₃⁻ in agricultural soil. Two autotrophic and five heterotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) were(More)
A real-time PCR quantification method for indigenous hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria (HDB) carrying the alkB gene in the soil environment was developed to investigate their distribution in soil. The detection limit of indigenous HDB by the method was 1 × 10(6) cells/g-soil. The indigenous HDB were widely distributed throughout the soil environment and ranged(More)
The collector profile dependences of RF power characteristics of SiGe HBT have been studied. A selectively ion implanted collector (SIC) structure with a thick and lightly doped collector layer showed good RF power characteristics including the adjacent-channel-power-ratio characteristics for middle class power around output power of 16 dBm while(More)
To better understand the phosphorus (P) cycling in an agricultural soil environment, amounts of total, organic and inorganic P in 10 agricultural soil samples were analyzed. Since a large proportion (57.8%) of the total P in the soils was in organic form, a method was developed to evaluate the mineralization rate of organic P in the soil by adding phytate(More)
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