Toshihide Ichikawa

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named kasugamine and a side-chain containing carboxyl and amino groups. Kasugamyein shows a preventive effect against rice blast in the field. Being different from blasticidin S, kasugamycin has no phyto toxie i ty for the rice plant (Ishiyama et al., 1965). In Plate 1, the rice plants in the fore ground were sprayed with kasugamycin after infections with(More)
Microhabitat of the nymphs and the adults of the rice brown, planthopper,Nilaparvata lugens is known to be the lower parts of rice plants. In this study, possible environmental factors determining the range of the microhabitat were experimentally analyzed by using the nymphs under laboratory conditions. Thirty individuals of the 1st or the 3rd instar nymphs(More)
Hericia sanukiensis (Acari, Algophagidae) is a species of tree sap mite which has been newly discovered in the sap flux of oak trees (Quercus acutissima). In this study, we have clarified the life history of H. sanukiensis at the onset of sap exudation in spring, overwintering deutonymphs molt to tritonymphs as their molting is exacerbated by the sugar(More)
Nymphs ofNilaparvata lugens were experimentally reared from the 2nd instar in a cage covering part of the leaf sheath of an individual rice plant grown in a Wagner pot. Plants were covered with the cage from the water surface of the pot to 10 cm above the surface (lower cage-group) or from 10 cm to 20 cm above the surface (upper cage-group). Temperatures(More)
A direct diode laser (DDL) system has been proposed, consisting of a laser diode (LD), planar lightwave circuit(PLC) and optical fibers. The output from one PLC module is a 320 um times 300 um bundle optical fibers, each fiber having a rectangular core of NA0.3. The output efficiency was 74.2% at the fiber end. This PLC module may be applied as the light(More)
Hericia sanukiensis (Astigmata: Algophagidae) is a semi-aquatic mite inhabiting fermented sap flux of the Japanese sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima) and utilizes Nitidulidae (Coleoptera) as the dispersal (phoretic) carrier. Although nitidulid beetles are commonly found in sap flux, the occurrence of H. sanukiensis has been extremely limited to a few trees(More)
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