Toshihide Ibaraki

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We show that anyk-connected graphG = (V, E) has a sparsek-connected spanning subgraphG′ = (V, E′) with ¦E′¦ =O(k¦V¦) by presenting anO(¦E¦)-time algorithm to find one such subgraph, where connectivity stands for either edge-connectivity or node-connectivity. By using this algorithm as preprocessing, the time complexities of some graph problems related to(More)
Using the nested loops method, this paper addresses the problem of minimizing the number of page fetches necessary to evaluate a given query to a relational database. We first propose a data structure whereby the number of page fetches required for query evaluation is substantially reduced and then derive a formula for the expected number of page fetches.(More)
ÐThe paper describes a new, logic-based methodology for analyzing observations. The key features of the Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) are the discovery of minimal sets of features necessary for explaining all observations and the detection of hidden patterns in the data capable of distinguishing observations describing apositiveo outcome events from(More)
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence presents a range of topics of concern to scholars applying quantitative, combinatorial, logical, algebraic and algorithmic methods to diverse areas of Artificial Intelligence, from decision support, automated deduction, and reasoning, to knowledge-based systems, machine learning, computer vision, robotics(More)