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Purpose: We describe the technique, efficacy, and complications of fluoroscopy-guided implantation of a central venous access device using a peripherally accessed system (PAS) port via the forearm. Methods: Beginning in July 1994, 105 central venous access devices were implanted in 104 patients for the long-term infusion of antibiotics or antineoplasmic(More)
Influenza and its complications are related to increased morbidity and mortality in elderly persons. Influenza vaccination is an important strategy to minimize the excess morbidity and mortality caused by influenza infection. Influenza epidemics start in November and continue to March in the next year, but it is not clear if the immunization-induced(More)
Recently several reports have been presented stating that glandular kallikrein is present in human and animal blood, and that the oral administration of hog pancreatic kallikrein (HPK) normalises decreased urinary kallikrein and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) excretions and elevated blood pressure in hypertensive patients. In this study, HPK (2,000 KU/kg body(More)
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