Toshiharu Tashiro

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OBJECTIVES Following lesions in somatosensory pathways, deafferentation pain often occurs. Patients report that the pain is qualitatively complex, and its treatment can be difficult. Mirror visual feedback (MVF) treatment can improve deafferentation pain. We sought to classify the qualities of the pain in order to examine whether the potential analgesic(More)
People adapt with remarkable flexibility to reversal of the visual field caused by prism spectacles. With sufficient time, this adaptation restores visually guided behaviour and perceptual harmony between the visible and tactile worlds. Although it has been suggested that seeing one's own body is crucial for adaptation, the underlying mechanisms are(More)
Interplate megathrust earthquakes have inflicted catastrophic damage on human society. Such an earthquake is predicted to occur in the near future along the Nankai Trough off southwestern Japan--an economically active and densely populated area in which megathrust earthquakes have already occurred. Megathrust earthquakes are the result of a plate-subduction(More)
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