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This paper proposes a novel tuning strategy for robust proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers based on the augmented Lagrangian particle swarm optimization (ALPSO). First, the problem of PID controller tuning satisfying multiple H ∞ performance criteria is considered, which is known to suffer from computational intractability and conservatism(More)
This paper is concerned with the characterization of all nonlinear stabilizing controllers. Observer based kernel representations are introduced to avoid the diculty which occurs in constructing the state-space realizations of input-output operators. By using observer based kernel representations, the parametrization of all the stabilizing plant-controller(More)
This paper introduces generalized canonical transformations for generalized Hamil-tonian systems which convert a generalized Hamiltonian system into another one, and preserve the generalized Hamiltonian structure of the original. As in classical mechanics it is expected that canonical transformations will provide new insights and fundamental tools for both(More)
This paper addresses trajectory tracking control of port-controlled Hamiltonian systems via generalized canonical transformations and passivity based control. The main strategy adopted in this paper is to construct an error system, which describes the dynamics of the tracking error, by a passive port-controlled Hamiltonian system. After obtaining the error(More)