Toshiharu Inagaki

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GPS can play an important role in high-altitude vehicle positioning. In such GPS applications, the residual tropospheric delay in GPS measurements is a major error source. Several strategies for estimating the residual zenith tropospheric delay have been presented in the literature. Generally, such models include the timevarying residual tropospheric errors(More)
GPS can play an important role in the positioning of High Altitude Platforms Systems (HAPS). In such GPS applications the residual tropospheric delay in GPS measurements is a major error source. Contrary to the case of static GPS applications, it is difficult to estimate the tropospheric delay simultaneously with the ambiguities and coordinates in kinematic(More)
Air turbulence is a serious problem that affects airline operations. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is developing an airborne Doppler LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for on-board turbulence detection. Flight experiments demonstrated that a highaltitude prototype can measure wind speeds at the more than 9 km range at altitude of 12 km.(More)
The surface roughening and crack generation during the HVPE growth on the MOVPE-grown semipolar GaN template were successfully suppressed by using SiO<sub>2</sub> striped masks perpendicular to the a-axis on the semipolar GaN template. The growth toward the-c-direction during the MOVPE growth was also successfully suppressed by using the growth temperature(More)
We focused our interest not only on control of thermal environment by social bee colonies but also on the fluctuating phenomena in their nest. The temperature field generated by bees causes the phenomena of 1/f fluctuation to occur in the nest and that there is a possibility that such 1/f fluctuation provides immature stages with a preferable environment(More)
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