Toshiharu Fukayama

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The present study aimed to evaluate the therapeutic effect of pimobendan treatment for pulmonary hypertension (PH) in rats administered monocrotaline (MCT). Fifty-four 12-week-old male Sprague–Dawley rats were injected with monocrotaline or saline solution. Serial echocardiography and right ventricular systolic pressure (RVSP) measurement via a cardiac(More)
This study was designed to assess the progression of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and the effectiveness of therapy using recently investigated echocardiographic parameters. PAH is characterized by the progressive elevation of pulmonary artery pressure and right ventricular hypertrophy and dysfunction, which ultimately results in right-sided heart(More)
Vascular grafts under 5 mm or less in diameter are not developed due to a problem caused by early thrombus formation, neointimal hyperplasia, etc. Bombyx mori silk fibroin (SF) which has biodegradability and tissue infiltration is focused as tube and coating material of vascular grafts. Coating is an important factor to maintain the strength of the(More)
BACKGROUND Bombyx mori silk fibroin (SF) is biocompatible and degradable and has been proposed as a new material for small-diameter vascular grafts. We compared biological reactions to vascular grafts made of SF and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to reveal the potential ability of SF as a base and/or coating materials for vascular prostheses. METHODS SF(More)
Pimobendan and SCH00013 are calcium sensitizers that possess dual action of calcium sensitization and phosphodiesterase-III inhibition. This study was conducted to comparatively evaluate the effect of these medications on the myocardial function of the canine pacing-induced heart failure model using echocardiography. Heart failure was induced in 20 dogs, to(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN) have not been sufficiently investigated in conscious dogs with mitral valve regurgitation (MR). OBJECTIVE The objective was to investigate the effects of a sustained-release form of ISDN (sr-ISDN) on hemodynamics and the autonomic nervous system in dogs with MR. ANIMALS Six healthy Beagles weighing(More)
In order to develop small-diameter vascular grafts, it is necessary to evaluate endothelialization, especially, in the center part at early stage. For implantation of vascular grafts of 1 cm in length to abdominal aortae of rat, endothelial cells can be formed easily by stretching anastomosis. We evaluated the endothelialization in the center part of(More)
CASE SUMMARY A 13-month-old, female, mixed breed, 4.0 kg cat was referred with a 6 month history of decreased appetite, loss of vigour and intermittent vomiting. Physical examination revealed no cyanosis or wasting, and no audible heart murmur was auscultated. Blood profile revealed mild anaemia and mildly elevated postprandial serum ammonia (109 µg/dl).(More)
Vampire bat-transmitted cattle rabies cases are typically encountered in areas where the disease is endemic. However, over the period of a month in 2009, an outbreak of cattle rabies occurred and then ended spontaneously in a small area of the Rio Grande do Sul State in southern Brazil. To investigate the epidemiological characteristics of this rabies(More)
BACKGROUND Closure of PDA can be associated with echocardiographic changes including deterioration of LV systolic function. Although PDA is commonly encountered in dogs, few comprehensive reports of echocardiographic changes in dogs with PDA closure are available. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the short-term echocardiographic changes observed after PDA closure(More)