Toshiharu Arima

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An early phase II study of a new camptothecin analog and an inhibitor of topoisomerase I, CPT-11, was conducted in 62 patients with refractory leukemia and lymphoma by four different treatment schedules in a multiinstitutional cooperative study. CPT-11 therapy resulted in four complete remissions (CRs) and three partial remissions (PRs) in 29 assessable(More)
Colonic herniation through the esophageal hiatus is an unusual condition. This paper deals with such a case involving a seven month-old girl. She had had no previous symptoms, but had bloody feces after a diagnosis of sliding hiatal herniation of the stomach had been made. Barium enema revealed hiatal herniation of the transverse colon accompanying gastric(More)
A 72-year-old man who had multiple hepatocellular carcinoma underwent eight times intrahepatic arterial chemotherapies of SMANCS and two times percutaneous ethanol injection (PEIT) therapies over three years, but new diffuse lesions appeared in the liver. He was treated by intermittent intrahepatic arterial chemotherapy with CDDP 10 mg/body/w and 5-FU 500(More)
Gallbladder carcinoma is a fatal disease with highly metastatic potential, and the chemotherapeutic regimen has not been established yet. We reported here a case of gallbladder carcinoma with lung and liver meatstases responding to a single agent, UFT. A 70-year-old female with advanced carcinoma of the gallbladder and bilateral pulmonary metastases were(More)
One hundred and ninety patients with poor-prognosis tumors, mainly advanced solid cancers were treated with a first course of high-dose chemotherapy. One hundred nine of them received frozen autologous bone marrow transplantation (FABMT) a total of 160 times. Thirty-four of the 109 patients were given a second course, and five of the 34 received a third(More)
Early phase II study of MST-16[4,4-(1,2-ethanediyl) bis (1-isobutoxycarbonyloxy-methyl-2, 6-piperazinedione], a derivative of ICRF-154, on malignant lymphoma was conducted by multi-institutional cooperative group. MST-16 was administered orally at doses of 1,600 mg/body/day for 5 days or 1,200 mg/body/day for 10-14 days, mainly. The number of registered and(More)
A 46-year-old woman underwent breast-conserving surgery. The patient was treated with six cycles of CMF and, subsequently, combination therapy with UFT and CPA. However, multiple metastases were detected in the thoracic vertebrae after two years and two months of surgery. Weekly administration of paclitaxel was initiated, but the drug could not be continued(More)
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