Toshifumi Konishi

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We report a multi-physics simulation and layout design technique for integrated-MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) based on an electrical circuit simulator. A solver for the mechanical equation of motion has been programmed in a Verilog-A compatible HDL (hardware description language) within the Cadence Virtuoso environment to attain new designing(More)
We introduce “Wafer Shuttle” that is suitable for integration of diverse functionalities. CMOS/MEMS design flow and environment based on SPICE is discussed. It is pointed out that modeling will be important to promote the R&D of MEMS/CMOS and/or diverse-functionalities integration on CMOS.
A new molecular design of fullerene derivatives exhibiting trigger-responsive self-aggregation in organic solvents has been established. Calix[4]arene was covalently connected with fullerene in order to apply host-guest interaction to the aggregation control. The self-assembly behaviour was studied in organic solvents by UV-vis absorption spectroscopy,(More)
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