Toshifumi Konishi

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Fullerene-containing liposomes with high photosensitization ability were prepared. Disaggregated fullerenes were efficiently injected into the bilayer of liposomes by a phototriggered molecular exchange reaction. These liposomes showed far higher photoreactivity than liposomes thermally produced by heating and microwave irradiation. This result indicates(More)
A new molecular design of fullerene derivatives exhibiting trigger-responsive self-aggregation in organic solvents has been established. Calix[4]arene was covalently connected with fullerene in order to apply host-guest interaction to the aggregation control. The self-assembly behaviour was studied in organic solvents by UV-vis absorption spectroscopy,(More)
We have evaluated the photodynamic activities of C60 derivative·γ-cyclodextrin (γ-CDx) complexes and demonstrated that they were significantly higher than those of the pristine C60 and C70·γ-CDx complexes under photoirradiation at long wavelengths (610-720 nm), which represent the optimal wavelengths for photodynamic therapy (PDT). In particular, the(More)
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