Toshifumi Arai

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Paper is a very convenient medium for presenting information. It is familiar, flexible, portable, inexpensive, user modifiable, and offers better readability properties than existing electronic displays. However, paper displays are static and do not offer capabilities such as dynamic content, and hyperlinking that can be provided with electronic media.(More)
We are developing a computerized desk which we have named InteractiveDESK [1]. One of the major features of the InteractiveDESK is reality awareness; that is, the ability to respond to situational changes in the real world in order to reduce users’ workloads. In this paper, we present a new method, as an example of the reality awareness, to retrieve(More)
Office and engineering workers’ workloads are reduced with a computer-augmented desk named InteractiveDESK. The desk has a large desktop display with a pen-input facility and an ordinary upright display with a keyboard, thus integrating features of conventional systems and pen-based systems. The desk detects the operations on real objects on its real desk(More)
This paper reports our recent experience with a 3-day technical conference, which was fully augmented by a chat system and a telepresence camera. In this trial, the chat acted as a sub-channel to reality; participants both in local and remote conference roorm can freely interchange their thoughts or opinions inspired by presentations through the chat. We(More)
Some evidence indicates that sleep supports memory consolidation. Items studied before sleeps are memorized more efficiently than those not followed by sleep. Consequently, we propose a learning management system based on these findings. The system includes an alarm clock, whose alarm is set only if a user answers some questions. The user also has to answer(More)
Gemcitabine (GEM) concurrent with radiation is clinically not well defined. We herein report four cases of chemo-radiotherapy against locally advanced pancreatic cancer using low-dose GEM concurrent with extra-beam radiation. A total of eight cases entered the study. Three were resected and five were non-resected cases. Intraoperative radiation was carried(More)
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