Toshie Okada

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BACKGROUND Glycated albumin (GA) is an Amadori product used as a marker of hyperglycemia. In this study, we investigated the effect of GA on insulin secretion from pancreatic β cells. METHODS Islets were collected from male Wistar rats by collagenase digestion. Insulin secretion in the presence of non-glycated human albumin (HA) and GA was measured under(More)
A case of acute myopathy was observed in the course of treatment of respiratory failure with mechanical ventilation combined with prolonged neuromuscular blockade and administration of corticosteroids. A muscle biopsy revealed degeneration of muscle fibres. Electron microscopy showed loss of thick filaments as well as nemaline rods, vacuoles and cytoplasmic(More)
Muscle strips from the longitudinal or circular muscle of the chicken rectum were used to determine changes in membrane potential during field stimulation as recorded using the sucrose-gap method. Stimulation with single square pulses (0.1 msec duration) evoked junction potentials elicited by transmitter released from nerve endings. Facilitation in(More)
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