Toshiaki Yamamoto

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The importance of high-voltage and low-current operation in the wire-duct precipitator has focused attention on collecting high-resistivity dust. The local current density of individual tufts is considerably higher even at a low average current level and therefore could contribute to both the formation of back corona in the collected-dust layer and the(More)
Millimeter-wave Wireless LAN and its Extension toward 5G Heterogeneous Networks Kei SAKAGUCHI†, member, Ehab Mahmoud MOHAMED†, ††, non-member, Hideyuki KUSANO†, member, Makoto MIZUKAMI†††, member, Shinichi MIYAMOTO†, member, Roya REZAGAH†††, non-member, Koji TAKINAMI, Kazuaki TAKAHASHI, members††††, Naganori SHIRAKATA††††, non-member, Hailan PENG, Toshiaki(More)
The collection of low resistive particulate matter (PM) generated from marine and automobile diesel engines have been known to be difficult by conventional electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). The collection efficiency for three types ESPs, namely, the conventional dc-energized ESP, the trapezoidal-waveform-energized ESP (TW ESP), and the(More)
As advanced integrated network architecture, “cognitive radio technologies,” which aim to improve the spectrum efficiency, have been studied. In the cognitive radio networks, each node recognizes radio conditions, and according to them, optimizes their wireless communication routes with the integration of the heterogeneous wireless media not only by(More)