Toshiaki Tomitsuka

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To develop a general strategy for optimizing monoclonal antibody (MAb) formulations. Colloidal stabilities of four representative MAbs solutions were assessed based on the second virial coefficient (B 2) at 20°C and 40°C, and net charges at different NaCl concentrations, and/or in the presence of sugars. Conformational stabilities were evaluated from the(More)
Dry agar beads containing theophylline were prepared. The release rate of theophylline from the agar beads in vitro was smaller than the dissolution rate of the drug from pure drug powders. The salivary levels of the drug following oral administration of the agar beads to three healthy volunteers were determined by reversed-phase high pressure liquid(More)
An optimization procedure of ternary isocratic mobile phase composition in the HPLC method using a statistical prediction model and visualization technique is described. In this report, two prediction models were first evaluated to obtain reliable prediction results. The retention time prediction model was constructed by modification from past respectable(More)
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