Toshiaki Shiogama

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BACKGROUND At present, little information is available on the outcome of medical therapy for patients with acute right colonic diverticulitis, and this has meant a gap in constructing guidelines for its treatment. METHODS The records of patients with acute right colonic diverticulitis at Nagasaki University Graduate School and affiliated hospitals were(More)
Four cases of anaplastic carcinoma of the pancreas or biliary tract were studied clinicopathologically and immunohistochemically. All four cases were intermediate cell type and contained a minimum amount of microscopic foci of differentiated glandular adenocarcinoma. Argyrophilic tumor cells were not seen in any of the four tumors. Immunohistochemically, no(More)
BACKGROUND Although combination therapy consisting of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and cisplatin for the treatment of gastric cancer has been reported, no consistent regimen has been established. Our aim was to determine the optimal treatment schedule of this therapy, for patients with advanced or recurrent gastric cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a(More)
Improved viability and function of insulin-producing beta (B) cells of frozen-stored human fetal pancreatic tissue was obtained by a two-step method utilizing high concentrations of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Human fetal pancreata (14-23-week gestation) obtained from pathologic abortions were teased and cultured overnight. Prior to freezing the tissues were(More)
A rare case of a primary tuberculous liver abscess with bronchobiliary and gastrobiliary fistula formation is presented herein, emphasizing the difficulty in establishing its diagnosis. The clinical course was complicated and a wide range of antibiotics administered repeatedly, based on the initial diagnosis of a liver abscess, until the final diagnosis of(More)
Surgical treatment of the pancreatic cancer is currently unsatisfactory. By using anti-K,H,N-ras monoclonal and anti-myc polyclonal antibodies, paraffin-embedded tissue specimens of the carcinoma in digestive organs were immunohistologically studied. Then, the incidence of expression of these oncogenes and correlative studies of survival rate and disease(More)