Toshiaki Mito

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Increases in COX-2 enzymatic activity and prostaglandin production have been associated with neuronal injury in both acute and age-related degenerative neurological diseases. In this study, we tested the effects of increased COX-2 activity in a model of transient focal ischemia using a transgenic mouse model in which human COX-2 is constitutively expressed(More)
BAK is a pro-apoptotic BCL-2 family protein that localizes to mitochondria. Here we evaluate the function of BAK in several mouse models of neuronal injury including neuronotropic Sindbis virus infection, Parkinson's disease, ischemia/stroke, and seizure. BAK promotes or inhibits neuronal death depending on the specific death stimulus, neuron subtype, and(More)
The cerebral hemispheres show prominent involvement in hypertensive encephalopathy far more frequently than the brainstem. Two patients with severe paroxysmally accelerated hypertension associated with brainstem hyperintensity in T2-weighted magnetic resonance images are presented. Both present hyperintense lesions improved dramatically in appearance after(More)
Intracranial germinoma arising primarily in the midbrain is extremely rare. We present the first reported case of cystic midbrain germinoma that lacked evident solid components and mimicked a midbrain glioma. In a 22-year-old man with headache and diplopia, magnetic resonance imaging showed a ring-enhancing lesion in the midbrain. The preoperative diagnosis(More)
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