Toshiaki Misono

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A case of massive intestinal blood loss from multiple duodeno-jejunal diverticula is described. A 39-year-old man was referred to our hospital because of recurrent bloody stool and worsening anemia. Upper and lower endoscopy, selective abdominal angiography, and radionuclide scanning were performed to seek the cause of the intestinal bleeding, but none of(More)
Cardiac carcinoma is defined as the carcinoma whose center of the mucosal lesion is located at the area of the stomach within 2.0cm from the esophago-gastric junction. Histological and macroscopical examination was performed concerning to the frequency of macroscopic type, the direction of the mucosal invasion, the tendency of the submucosal invasion and(More)
The name of gastritis was introduced by Broussais in 1808. He considered it as the seat of febrile diseases such as typhoid fever. However, what he had seen was soon proved to be a postmortem change and the name of gastritis was discarded for some time. Nevertheless the presence of inflammatory change of the gastric mucosa was gradually recognized with the(More)
1) Serum secretory IgA was reduced in chronic liver disease while it was increased in obstructive jaundice. 2) Serum anti-dsDNA antibody was slightly increased in chronic liver disease, especially it was significantly increased in lupoid hepatitis in which its titer paralelled with the course of disease activity. 3) Serum Clq binding activity, Clq binding(More)
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