Toshiaki Kobayashi

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Transcriptional regulation of gene expression is thought to play a pivotal role in activity-dependent neuronal differentiation and circuit formation. Here, we investigated the role of histone deacetylase 9 (HDAC9), which regulates transcription by histone modification, in the development of neocortical neurons. The translocation of HDAC9 from nucleus to(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study was to examine the following during radiofrequency ablation (RFA): (1) the risk of hemorrhage from intrapulmonary large vessels; (2) the risk of incomplete ablation of pulmonary tumors; and (3) the late effect on lung tissue. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 17-gauge, cool-tip-type radiofrequency electrode was used. The(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery is a standard diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. However, its technical difficulty and invasiveness pose problems that are yet to be solved even by current surgical robots. Flexible endoscopes can access regions deep inside the body with less invasiveness than surgical approaches. Conceptually, this ability can be a solution to some of(More)
We investigated time evolution of shear moduli in the physical gelation process of 1,3:2,4-bis-O-(p-methylbenzylidene)-D-sorbitol in polystyrene melt. At the gel point, storage and loss shear moduli, G' and G", were described by the power law of frequency omega, G' approximately G" approximately omegan, with the critical exponent n being nearly equal to(More)
Bronchoscopy was performed under computed tomography (CT) guidance using an ultrathin fiberscope in a patient with a fluoroscopically invisible lesion that was visualized by CT in the right S(8) and with poor pulmonary function. Under local anesthesia, the ultrathin fiberscope (3 mm in diameter) was inserted close to the lesion (1.5 mm in diameter) under(More)
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