Toshiaki Kobayashi

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Transcriptional regulation of gene expression is thought to play a pivotal role in activity-dependent neuronal differentiation and circuit formation. Here, we investigated the role of histone deacetylase 9 (HDAC9), which regulates transcription by histone modification, in the development of neocortical neurons. The translocation of HDAC9 from nucleus to(More)
We have previously proposed the 'mora method' to evaluate the degree of impairment in spasmodic dysphonia (SD) in Japanese-speaking patients. With this method, impairment is judged as the proportion of impaired morae in a 25-mora sentence in a longer passage read aloud. As the mora is the phonologically isochronic unit in Japanese, the proportion of(More)
Bronchoscopy was performed under computed tomography (CT) guidance using an ultrathin fiberscope in a patient with a fluoroscopically invisible lesion that was visualized by CT in the right S(8) and with poor pulmonary function. Under local anesthesia, the ultrathin fiberscope (3 mm in diameter) was inserted close to the lesion (1.5 mm in diameter) under(More)
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