Toshiaki Kawamura

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We carried out a series of zeroth-order regular approximation (ZORA)-density functional theory (DFT) and ZORA-time-dependent (TD)-DFT calculations for molecular geometries, NMR chemical shifts, nucleus-independent chemical shifts (NICS), and electronic transition energies of plumbacyclopentadienylidenes stabilized by several Lewis bases, (Ph)2 ((t) BuMe2(More)
Plumbacyclopentadienylidenes, in which the lead atoms have divalent states and are coordinated by THF, pyridine and N-heterocyclic carbene, were synthesized and characterized. The THF- and pyridine-stabilized compounds can be regarded as rare examples of hypervalent 10-X-4 species. The equilibrium between the THF adduct and the free(More)
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