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UNLABELLED Backgrounds and Purpose- The authors evaluated the incidence of rupture of unruptured intracranial saccular aneurysm during observation. METHODS Between January 2003 and December 2006, a total of 419 patients with 529 unruptured intracranial saccular aneurysms were observed without treatment. The mean follow-up duration was 905.3 days. Aneurysm(More)
A 63-year-old woman presented with a metastatic focus of papillary thyroid carcinoma in the cerebellopontine angle manifesting as lateral gazing nystagmus and slurred speech. Computed tomography demonstrated massive hemorrhage in the left cerebellar hemisphere. She was treated conservatively. Her symptoms resolved completely, but she experienced progressive(More)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) has been reported to rescue neuroretinal cells under different toxic conditions. These cells include not only those expressing BDNF receptors (TrkB) but also those not expressing TrkB including photoreceptors. The purpose of this study was to determine the retinal sites at which BDNF and TrkB isoforms are expressed(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke, it is essential to obtain rapid thrombolysis before ischemic neuronal injury occurs. To develop a new technique of thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke, the effect of transcranially applied ultrasound (TUS) on thrombolysis was examined. METHODS An occlusion model of rabbit femoral(More)
The facial nerve schwannoma is a rare tumor and it seldom extends into the middle cranial fossa. The typical clinical presentations are progressive facial paralysis and hearing disturbance. We report here a case of huge facial nere facial nerve schwannoma extending into the middle cranial fossa without facial palsy. A 50-year-old man presented with left(More)
OBJECTIVE Complete anatomic obliteration remains difficult to achieve with endovascular treatment of wide-necked aneurysms using Guglielmi detachable platinum coils (GDCs). Ion implantation is a physicochemical surface modification process resulting from the impingement of a high-energy ion beam. Ion implantation and protein coating were used to alter the(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate biomaterials seeking for their possible use for aneurysm treatment, in vivo screening tests using a number of potential materials are required. However, there is no established animal model that is suitable for such purpose. Some models require special preparation of tested materials for transcatheter delivery and others are(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effects of interleukin (IL)-1beta on the resistance and permeability of the tight junctions of cultured retinal pigment epithelial cells. METHODS A human RPE cell line (ARPE-19) cultured on microporous filter-supports was used. IL-1beta and monoclonal anti-IL-1beta antibody-treated IL-1beta (mAbIL-1beta) were added to the standard(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Transcranial ultrasound (TUS) enhances thrombolysis and is expected to be useful for the treatment of ischemic stroke. However, neither its effectiveness in improving neurologic outcome nor its safety in living tissue has been fully established. We examined the efficacy and safety of low-frequency TUS under appropriate conditions of(More)
  • Ichou Kaikan, Japan Pediatric Society, +58 authors Tokyo Japan
  • 2006
The symposium will focus on the 'Epileptic Status' of children and young infants. Although epileptic status has been an important theme within child neurology, the basic mechanism and treatment has not yet been fully established. Therefore, it seems only fitting that this topic is the primary focus of this international symposium. It is our hope that all(More)