Toshi Tsuboi

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This paper proposes a Subcarrier Digital Modulation based Passive Optical Network (SDM-PON) architecture to economically provide higher bit rate services to users. As a first step, we assume that 16-QAM is used as a digital modulation, and service bit rate of 1 Gbps is constantly provided to each user. To examine its feasibility, we first discuss an(More)
Consumer expectations from their interactions with business have increased tremendously. Today, they expect that businesses, armed with technology and customer databases, should be able to provide a relevant, consistent customer experience across all channels. Unfortunately, this is not often the case because data is underutilized, business processes are(More)
More than ever, customers are demanding consistent and relevant interaction across all channels. Businesses are having to develop omnichannel marketing capabilities to please these customers. Implementing omnichannel marketing is often difficult, especially when using digital channels. Most products designed for digital channels lack capabilities to(More)
For most businesses, the Web has become an important channel for managing relationships with customers since it has become the preferred, and in some cases, the sole method by which many customers interact with companies. As a result, delivering compelling communication and content during a Web session is critical in order to acquire and retain valuable(More)
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