Toshi Takamori

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The ICPF (Ionic Conducting Polymer gel Film) actuator is a new high polymer gel actuator by which revolutionary robotic mechanisms are expected. Actuator models for CAE are essential to the robotic design. However, present black/gray-box models of ICPF cannot express its nonlinear characteristics with enough accuracy, In this paper, a white-box actuator(More)
The system introduced in this paper estimates the 3-D position of human’s head and face by using the depth from focus method. First the system locates human's head and face by using motion detection, Hough transform and a statistical color model. Then by changing pan, tilt and zoom of camera we put the face in the center of the camera’s field of view. Then(More)
In robotics, the idea of human and robot interaction is receiving a lot of attention lately. In this paper, we describe a multi-modal system for generating a map of the environment through interaction of a human and home robot. This system enables people to teach a newcomer robot different attributes of objects and places in the room through speech commands(More)
In order to display delicate touch feeling of surface of some materials, active touch of human hand movements should he considered. In this paper, a wearable stimulation device that c m produce various distributed stimuli on human skin in response to hand movements was developed using ICPF (Ionic Conducting Polymer gel Film) actuaton Characteristics of(More)