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The multiple grid(MG) chain code which uses four different square grids is proposed to encode line drawings. The main processes adopted in the code are: 1) a grid selection algorithm which allocates quantization points only to the vicinity of the course of a line drawing, 2) labeling rule on quantization points which makes the frequency of some codes larger(More)
This paper proposes a new scheme for picture compression which decomposes a picture to (3/spl times/3+1) subband pictures using the 2-D discrete wavelet transform three times, and then decomposes a picture block matrix A(16/spl times/16 pixels) of the lowest frequency subband picture to singular values and eigenvectors of AA/sup T/ and A/sup T/A and encode(More)
Consistent hashing is known as a load balancing method for cases where a large number of requests are to be handled by multiple servers. However, if the frequencies of the requested keys, which are used for the hash calculation, are unbalanced, this causes an uneven distribution of the load to the servers. To solve this problem, this paper presents a load(More)