Toru Yoshikane

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OBJECTIVE In order to examine if Tannerella forsythia stimulates the growth of Porphyromonas gingivalis, an in vitro study was performed. BACKGROUND P. gingivalis and T. forsythia are often isolated simultaneously from active periodontitis sites, indicating that these bacteria somewhat interact in the periodontal environment. We reported previously that(More)
Laser trapping is becoming an important technique for microsystem technologies. To apply it to industrial uses, it should be developed to function in air. However, there is not much research about laser trapping in air. One of the reasons is the difficulty of trapping micro-objects. Therefore, we have proposed a new technique to trap micro-objects in air.(More)
We report a case of oral malodor associated with internal resorption. A 39-year-old male attended our hospital complaining of oral malodor. Utilizing organoleptic measurement, the halimeter test and gas chromatography, it was diagnosed as a strong halitosis caused by oral origin. The pocket probing depth of tooth 21 was 10 mm, and X-ray examination revealed(More)
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