Toru Yashiro

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Many advances have occurred in recent years in the diagnosis, localization, and treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism. Several different operative choices for primary hyperparathyroidism also have been proposed--a unilateral approach versus the standard bilateral parathyroid exploration. The unilateral approach is based on the concept that if an enlarged(More)
The human ST2 gene has been known to encode three splice variants; namely, a soluble secreted form of ST2, a transmembrane form of ST2L, and ST2V of undetermined localization. Therefore, analysis of tissue distribution and subcellular localization of ST2V is important to elucidate functional relationships among the three splice variants of the human ST2(More)
A granulated 'marginal layer cell' was observed in the lining of Rathke's residual pouch of 5 and 10 day-old rat anterior pituitary glands. Immunohistochemistry was not employed to identify the precise function of these cells. However, the cytological characteristics of nearly all of the cells indicated that they resembled GH-secreting cells, with a few(More)
We investigated the post-natal development of cell-to-cell communication within the rat anterior pituitary gland cells using immunohistochemistry of the S-100 protein. Tissues of animals from 10 to 60 days of age were analyzed. At 10 days of age, S-100 protein-containing cells were rarely observed. With age, the population of S-100 immunostained cells(More)
BACKGROUND Ras oncogene mutations have been found in many human cancers; however, pancreatic endocrine tumors have rarely been studied. The purpose of this study was to analyze ras mutations in pancreatic endocrine tumors and to compare these results with the incidence of ras mutations in pancreatic exocrine cancers studied in our laboratory. METHODS Ras(More)
PURPOSE In some pheochromocytomas, the tumors contain and secrete greater amounts of adrenaline than do normal adrenal medullas. It is not yet known how adrenaline synthesis is enhanced in the adrenaline-secreting pheochromocytomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS As a first step toward understanding the molecular mechanisms by which adrenaline synthesis is(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical importance of point mutations of ras oncogene in differentiated thyroid cancers has not been fully clarified. The purpose of this study is to determine the prognostic importance of ras mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma. METHODS Tumors of 91 patients with papillary carcinoma were studied; mean follow-up was 14.1 years (range,(More)
BACKGROUND alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in serum are widely used as tumor markers in the evaluation of prognosis and management of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and prostate cancer, respectively. To establish the molecular diagnosis of cancer, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for AFP and PSA(More)
One hundred and thirty-two consecutive patients with primary hyperparathyroidism were studied preoperatively for the presence of chondrocalcinosis, the roentgenographic marker of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease, by obtaining radiographs of knees, wrists and pelvis. Chondrocalcinosis was found in 8 patients (6.1%), each of(More)
Distribution of fibronectin, laminin, and collagens type I, III, IV, and V in the lobular regions of regenerating rat liver was studied by indirect immunofluorescence. Little or no laminin was detected in sham-operated controls throughout the experimental period, while it was detected in sinusoids of regenerating liver as early as 6 h after partial(More)