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We propose a method for measuring a spin of a ball accurately by the image registration with a 3D model. The proposed method estimates the parameters of the transformation between two images containing a known shape object with depth information. The Gauss-Newton method is used to minimize the residuals of intensities of the two images, and the rotation and(More)
An early detection of colorectal cancer through colorectal endoscopy is important and widely used in hospitals as a standard medical procedure. During colonoscopy, the lesions of colorectal tumors on the colon surface are visually inspected by a Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) zoom-videoendoscope. By using the visual appearance of colorectal tumors in endoscopic(More)
We propose a method for extracting a rotating limb region and estimating its motion parameters, which is based on the curl of optical flow. Regarding the optical flow as a vector field, the proposed method computes the curl of the optical flow to extract a rotating region. The method assumes that one angular velocity varies in a short time period. By using(More)
In this paper we propose a recognition system for classifying NBI images of colorectal tumors into three types (A, B, and C3) of structures of microvessels on the colorectal surface. These types have a strong correlation with histologic diagnosis: hyperplasias (HP), tubular adenomas (TA), and carcinomas with massive submucosal invasion (SM-m). Images are(More)
We propose a method for correcting image distortion due to camera lenses by calibrating intrinsic camera parameters. The proposed method is based on image registration and doesn't require point-to-point correspondence. Parameters of three successive transformations –– view change, radial distortion and illumination change –– are estimated using the(More)