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An early detection of colorectal cancer through colorectal endoscopy is important and widely used in hospitals as a standard medical procedure. During colonoscopy, the lesions of colorectal tumors on the colon surface are visually inspected by a Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) zoom-videoendoscope. By using the visual appearance of colorectal tumors in endoscopic(More)
In this paper we propose a recognition system for classifying NBI images of colorectal tumors into three types (A, B, and C3) of structures of microvessels on the colorectal surface. These types have a strong correlation with histologic diagnosis: hyperplasias (HP), tubular adenomas (TA), and carcinomas with massive submucosal invasion (SM-m). Images are(More)
We propose a method for correcting image distortion due to camera lenses by calibrating intrinsic camera parameters. The proposed method is based on image registration and doesn't require point-to-point correspondence. Parameters of three successive transformations –– view change, radial distortion and illumination change –– are estimated using the(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for extracting string-like objects in a still image for background restoration. We assume that the object regions occluding the background are long and narrow, and contrasted in intensity with background. First the method introduces a circle contrast, the intensity difference between a pixel and those on a circle around,(More)