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The effect of storage on mycoflora profile was monitored bimonthly in 36 corn (Zea mays L.) samples, dividing the same sample into groups dried to 11 and 14% moisture content (1008 analysis). These groups were further subdivided based on the initial total count (moulds and yeasts) up to 10(4) CFU g(-1) (12 samples, range 1.6 x 10(4) to 9.0 x 10(4), mean 3.8(More)
PHRENIC NERVE stimulators for diaphragm pacing have been described by a number of workers (e.g. GLENN et al., 1980; 1984; TALONEN et al., 1983; HOSHIMIYA et al., 1976). As for cardiac pacemakers, many that can control the heart rate in compliance with the patient's physiological needs have been developed (e.g. GEDDES et al., 1984). However, almost every(More)
Two ways of rate control for diaphragm pacing are proposed. One is rate control using only the patients' body temperature (method I). The other is rate control by both the patients' heart rate and body temperature (method II). To test the effectiveness of these methods, a diaphragm pacemaker which can be controlled by both heart rate and body temperature(More)
tokardiographische Untersuchungen. Wehrmed., 6, 102-104. BURKHART, K., SEIPEL, Lo and KIRCHHOFF, H. W. (1969) Neuere Untersuchungen fiber haemodynamische Vorg/inge in der Ballistokardiographie. Z. Kreislaufforschuno, 58, 266-277. CUNNINGnAM, D. M. and SMILEr, P. C. (1961) A hydrostatic air-bearing ballistocardiograph. J. Appl. Physiol., 16, 755-758. DOCK,(More)
Cerebellar stroke rarely causes disorders of higher brain function such as cognitive deficits and emotional dysfunction; hence, the prognosis of these patients is uncertain. We report the case of a 34-year-old patient with cerebellar hemorrhage due to arteriovenous malformation causing higher brain dysfunction who was able to return to full-time employment(More)
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