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The self-assembly of folate dendrimers into pi-stacked supramolecular rosettes is shown to produce ion channels in planar and spherical lipid bilayer membranes. The found ion channels are small, quite homogeneous, long-lived, ohmic, cation selective (Eisenman I), and blockable by the permeant cation.
(a) Direct ray trace rendering (b) Close view of (a) (c) Memory usage (GB) Figure 1. (a) A result of ray casting using our algorithm. 1.1M patches at 1K x 1K resolution, rendered in 0.218s with 305.2MB of memory. (b) Close view of the same model in 1.226 s. (c) Memory usage of PreTess:pre-tessellation, BC2:Bézier clipping method with 2 patches in leaf nodes(More)
We report on new thermotropic liquid-crystalline oligo(amino acid) derivatives forming columnar structures. These are based on branched oligo(glutamic acid)s and 2-(3,4-dialkyloxyphenyl)ethyl moieties. An oligo(glutamic acid) derivative, alpha,gamma-bis(L-glutamoyl) L-glutamic acid tetra[2-(3,4-dioctadecyloxyphenyl)ethyl]ester, shows a hexagonal columnar(More)
Bone mass was measured by digital image processing method in 114 X-ray hand films of 57 Turner's syndrome, in comparison with 120 normal and 5 hypopituitary female sujects. The cross-sectional mean bone mass of untreated Turner's syndrome aged 12–14 years and 14–16 years was 1.65±0.26 and 1.82±0.18 mm aluminum (Mean±SD), respectively. These are(More)
BACKGROUND Near-infrared spectroscopy estimates cerebral regional tissue oxygen saturation (rSO2), which may decrease under hyperventilation. Propofol and sevoflurane act differently on cerebral blood vessels. Consequently, cerebral blood flow during hyperventilation with propofol and sevoflurane anaesthesia may differ. OBJECTIVES The first aim of this(More)
Cellular elements, including retinal pigment epithelia, were removed by the cell maceration method to obtain a three-dimensional view of the collagen fibrillar networks of Bruch's membrane. A bird's eye view of the inner collagenous zone of Bruch's membrane was obtained using the eyes of albino rabbits and Japanese monkeys. The eyes were treated with a low(More)
Japanese monkey and albino rabbit choroid were treated with hot-formic acid to remove the cellular elements and the extracellular matrices excluding the elastic tissues so that both three-dimensional and bird's eye views of the elastic layer of Bruch's membrane could be obtained. The only elastic layer was extracted and observed with a scanning electron(More)