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Tetraspanins CD9 and CD81 facilitate the fusion between gametes, myoblasts, or virus-infected cells. Here, we investigated the role of these tetraspanins in the fusion of mononuclear phagocytes. Expression of CD9 and CD81 and their complex formation with integrins were up-regulated when blood monocytes were cultured under normal conditions. Under fusogenic(More)
The detection of rare mutants using next generation sequencing has considerable potential for diagnostic applications. Detecting circulating tumor DNA is the foremost application of this approach. The major obstacle to its use is the high read error rate of next-generation sequencers. Rather than increasing the accuracy of final sequences, we detected rare(More)
We have developed a distance education system for developing skills in endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery, to enable efficient remote training of novices in manual skills such as their standing position and posture, and the insertion angle/depth and holding of surgical instruments. The system uses a precise model of human paranasal sinuses and the "(More)
The Yes-associated protein (YAP) is a transcriptional factor involved in tissue development and tumorigenesis. Although YAP has been recognized as a key element of the Hippo signaling pathway, the mechanisms that regulate YAP activities remain to be fully characterized. In this study, we demonstrate that the non-receptor type protein tyrosine phosphatase 14(More)
Driving assistance systems are essential technologies to avoid traffic accidents, reduce traffic jams, and solve environmental problems. Not only observable behavioral data, but also unobservable inferred values should be considered to realize advanced driving assistance systems that are adaptable to individual drivers and situations. For this purpose,(More)
A considerable number of studies of cancer have shown that the cell type-specific promoter is an effective tool for selective expression of foreign genes in tumor cells. However, few reports have demonstrated significant in vivo antitumor effects using this strategy thus far, possibly because the low activity of such a promoter results in insufficient(More)