Toru Imayama

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Intergeneric somatic hybrids between embryogenic callus-derived protoplasts of round kumquat (Fortunella japonica Swingle) and ‘Morita navel’ orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) were produced by electrofusion. Among the eight different fusion strains obtained, six showed normal morphology, whereas the remaining two showed malformation. All the regenerated(More)
Escherichia coli O157 strains belonging to a distinct lineage and expressing different O-antigen (Oag) lengths were isolated. Although the function of wzz in E. coli has not been adequately investigated, this gene is known to be associated with regulation of Oag length. Using E. coli O157:H7 ATCC43888 (wild-type), several wzz mutants of E. coli O157,(More)
The anthocyanins of 130 cultivars, 13 lines and 3 wild forms of Iris ensata were analyzed by HPLC, and these plants were classified into 16 types of major anthocyanins. Among these types, 8 types such as petunidin 3RGac5G – delphinidin 3RGac5G, delphinidin 3RGac5G – petunidin 3RGac5G, cyanidin 3RGac5G – peonidin 3RGac5G, delphinidin 3RG – delphinidin 3RGac,(More)
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