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RSA is one the most well-known public-key cryptosystems widely used for secure data transfer. An RSA encryption key includes a modulus n which is the product of two large prime numbers p and q. If an RSA modulus n can be decomposed into p and q, the corresponding decryption key can be computed easily from them and the original message can be obtained using(More)
Tricholoma matsutake is an ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete that produces prized, yet uncultivable, “matsutake” mushrooms along densely developed mycelia, called “shiro,” in the rhizosphere of coniferous forests. Pinus densiflora is a major host of this fungus in Japan. Measuring T. matsutake biomass in soil allows us to determine the kinetics of fungal growth(More)
The main contribution of this paper is topresent Bitwise Parallel Bulk Computation (BPBC) technique, to accelerate bulk computation, which executes the same algorithm for a lot of instances in turn or in parallel. The idea of the BPBC technique isto simulate a combinational logic circuit for 32 inputsat the same time using bitwise logic operators for 32-bit(More)
The Conway's Game of Life is the most well-known cellular automaton. The universe of the Game of Life is a 2-dimensional array of cells, each of which takes two possible states, alive or dead. The state of every cell is repeatedly updated according to those of eight neighbors. A cell will be alive if exactly three neighbors are alive, or if it is alive and(More)
previous observations by Sundram et al. (14) and may also reflect the nonfunctioning nature of the tumors. CONCLUSION Although we did not perform a prospective study to evaluate whether Tc-MIBI is useful for early detection of tumor recurrence, the sensitivity of this technique for the detection of métastaseswarrants its use for clinical follow-up of(More)
Maximum likelihood expectation maximization (ML-EM) image quality is sensitive to the number of iterations, because a large number of iterations leads to images with checkerboard noise. The use of median filtering in the reconstruction process allows both noise reduction and edge preservation. We examined the value of median filtering after reconstruction(More)
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