Toru Akaboshi

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A 48-year-old Japanese woman presented with many subcutaneous nodules. The skin was purplish in color and tender; the nodules were scattered over the entire surface. Histological findings of biopsy specimens from the nodules indicated septal panniculitis comprised of histiocyte and/or macrophage infiltrates, often with erythro- and/or leukophagocytosis.(More)
Studies on the potential teratogenic effect of topically applied EDTA (0.1% and 3%) were undertaken because of its proven teratogenic effects when administered systemically and because of its wide use as an ophthalmic drug. Although no teratogenic effect was found for either 0.1% or 3% solution of EDTA, 3% EDTA applied topically to the eye six times a day(More)
The link between polymyositis (dermatomyositis) with malignant tumors has been known for many years. In the largest series to date, about 10% of the patients with this muscle disease were found to have cancer, either at the same time or within 5 years of diagnosis (1). However, to our knowledge, only one case report of polymyositis with esophageal cancer(More)
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