Torsten Wieduwilt

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We discuss a fiber-integrated refractive index sensor with strongly improved detection performance. The resonator has been implemented by means of focused-ion beam milling of a step index fiber and shows a sensitivity of about 1.15µm/RIU. Coating the resonator walls led to a strongly improved mirror reflectivity by a factor of about 26. Design rules for(More)
Phosphate glasses represent promising candidates for next-generation photonic devices due to their unique characteristics, such as vastly tunable optical properties, and high rare earth solubility. Here we show that silver metaphosphate wires with bulk optical properties and diameters as small as 2 µm can be integrated into silica fibers using(More)
Due to the ongoing improvement in nanostructuring technology, ultrathin metallic nanofilms have recently gained substantial attention in plasmonics, e.g. as building blocks of metasurfaces. Typically, noble metals such as silver or gold are the materials of choice, due to their excellent optical properties, however they also possess some intrinsic(More)
We present a novel design for a compact flow-through fluorescence detector for flow analyses applications and prove its functionality in the experiment. The detector operates by detecting the diffusely emitted fluorescence in a glass capillary, which is a measure for the concentration of the analyte to be detected. The fluorescence is excited via an axially(More)
Magnetooptical (MO) glasses and, in particular, Faraday rotators are becoming key components in lasers and optical information processing, light switching, coding, filtering, and sensing. The common design of such Faraday rotator materials follows a simple path: high Faraday rotation is achieved by maximizing the concentration of paramagnetic ion species in(More)
Miniaturized spectral analytical systems become ever increasingly important for in situ monitoring of natural waters' nutrients, such as nitrate, phosphate or ammonium. A miniaturized UV spectral photometer has been developed for online detection using liquid core wave guides (LCW), UV transmitting optical fibers, a low-cost miniature polychromator, and a(More)
We reveal the potential of step-index fibers consisting of a metaphosphate glass core and a silica cladding as an ultrafast octave-spanning supercontinuum source. The hybrid waveguide was fabricated by pressure-assisted melt filling and possesses a sophisticated dispersion behavior with two zero-dispersion points in the proximity of the Erbium laser bands.(More)
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