Torsten Wahlström

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Comparative genomic hybridization was applied to detect and map changes in DNA copy number in 24 well or moderately differentiated epithelial ovarian carcinomas (eight serous, eight mucinous and eight endometrioid carcinomas). Twenty-three of the 24 tumours showed changes in DNA copy number in one or several regions (median 4, range 1-17). Gains were more(More)
Kndometrial carcinoma shows various histolÃ3gica! types that differ in their clinical presentation and prognosis. Comparative genomic hybrid ization was used to detect gains and losses of DNA sequences along all chromosome arms in 24 uterine serous and 24 uterine endometrioid carcinomas. In serous carcinomas, extensive genetic aberrations were detected in(More)
o-2-Macroglobulin («2M)was demonstrated in normal and mildly dysplastic cervical epithelium using immunohistochemical methods. In contrast, staining for «2Mdiminished gradually with advancing epithelial dysplasia and was totally negative in truly neoplastic lesions. No in vitro synthesis could be detected in cultured ectocervical cells or in a(More)
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