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Histograms are commonly used to capture attribute value distribution statistics for query optimizers. More recently, histograms have also been considered as a way to produce quick approximate answers to decision support queries. This widespread interest in histograms motivates the problem of computing his-tograms that are good under a given error metric. In(More)
BSPlib is a small communications library for bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) programming which consists of only 20 basic operations. This paper presents the full deenition of BSPlib in C, motivates the design of its basic operations, and gives examples of their use. The library enables programming in two distinct styles: direct remote memory access using(More)
Web search engines use highly optimized compression schemes to decrease inverted index size and improve query throughput, and many index compression techniques have been studied in the literature. One approach taken by several recent studies first performs a renumbering of the document IDs in the collection that groups similar documents together, and then(More)
Due to the rapid growth in the size of the web, web search engines are facing enormous performance challenges. The larger engines in particular have to be able to process tens of thousands of queries per second on tens of billions of documents, making query throughput a critical issue. To satisfy this heavy workload, search engines use a variety of(More)
In this paper, we consider the filter step of the spatial join problem, for the case where neither of the inputs are indexed. We present a new algorithm, Scalable Sweeping-Based Spatial Join (SSSJ), that achieves both efficiency on real-life data and robustness against highly skewed and worst-case data sets. The algorithm combines a method with(More)
Broad web search engines as well as many more specialized search tools rely on web crawlers to acquire large collections of pages for indexing and analysis. Such a web crawler may interact with millions of hosts over a period of weeks or months, and thus issues of robustness, flexibility, and manageability are of major importance. In addition, I/O(More)
Large web search engines have to answer thousands of queries per second with interactive response times. A major factor in the cost of executing a query is given by the lengths of the inverted lists for the query terms, which increase with the size of the document collection and are often in the range of many megabytes. To address this issue, IR and(More)
The dominating set problem asks for a small subset D of nodes in a graph such that every node is either in D or adjacent to a node in D. This problem arises in a number of distributed network applications, where it is important to locate a small number of centers in the network such that every node is nearby at least one center. Finding a dominating set of(More)