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The sequence of hepatitis B virus DNA contains an open reading frame which codes for a not-yet-identified protein of at least 389 amino acids. Only the products starting at the third (GP33/GP36) or the fourth (P24/GP27) initiation signal have been characterized as components of the viral surface antigen. We found a larger protein, P39, and its glycosylated(More)
Diese Arbeit ist im Sonderforschungsbereich 531, " Computational Intelligence " , der Universität Dortmund entstanden und wurde auf seine Veranlassung unter Verwendung der ihm von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft zur Verfügung gestellten Mittel gedruckt. Abstract— Robotic manipulation of daily-life objects is an essential requirement in service robotic(More)
—It is an important aim to reduce the cost of driver assistance systems to bring their benefit in safety and comfort to as many drivers as possible. A single camera used as an environmental sensor has the potential for a significant cost reduction. Based on the currently available camera and image processing technology this work evaluates how the portfolio(More)
Investigations to examine not only the factors of influence on evaluation of acetone by self-prepared semiconductor gas sensors, but also to prove analytical properties, were carried out using different tools. A sensor temperature of 600 degrees C and a carrier gas flow-rate of 5 l/h were found to be suitable conditions for the measurement of flow-injection(More)
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